General Assembly passes law aimed at limiting effect of St. Jude’s decision

May 12, 2017   |   News

The General Assembly passed HB17-1190, which is intended to limit the effect of the Supreme Court’s decision in St. Jude’s Co. v. Roaring Fork Club.  Briefly, in St. Jude’s Co. the Court held that direct diversion of water from a river to a private ditch for aesthetic, recreational, and piscatorial purposes on private property, without impoundment, are not beneficial uses of water under Colorado law. … [Read More]

Final Colorado Water Plan Released

November 24, 2015   |   News

On November 19, 2015, the final Colorado Water Plan was released, and can be accessed here. The plan is intended to be a road map with measurable objectives that that will help Colorado meet its projected future water needs.  Chapters discuss, among other things, Colorado water law, each basin in the state, current and projected water supply and demand, future water management, and actions that will implement the plan, including legislative and funding options.  … [Read More]

US Supreme Court Issues Decision in Interstate Water Dispute

March 5, 2015   |   News

On February 24, the US Supreme Court issued a decision in Kansas v. Nebraska and Colorado, a case involving a decades-old water dispute over the Republican River. Click here for background history on the case.

The Court concluded that Nebraska knowingly failed to comply with a 2002 settlement of a previous lawsuit between the states that established a mechanism to measure water use and promote compliance with the Republican River Compact.… [Read More]